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The Road to Enlightenment

About Mrsmae

Everything I know was a gift to me from God. I will advise you on matters of the heart and lifes concerns. I can help you overcome the unhappiness you suffer from and guide you toward your purpose in life If you feel you have been denied your share of success and are unhappy and dont know which way to turn, one session will show you that there is a better way. I enjoy helping others as I have been for a long time now. I realized it was one of my life themes to help others along their paths in life. I give people something to help empower their lives. I am not perfect only God/Divine/Spirit is perfect and has all the answers.My chat room is a place for you to come and enjoy. One of my quotes: dont love too much, dont trust too much and dont give too much because that same TOO MUCH can hurt you so much. If GOD give you a king dont shuffle the deck cause you just might get a joker, I really have a sense of humor and I am truly down to earth. If I can help one person throughout my day, I know that my living would not be in vain.

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